Vertinity working on SellPro for Android and iOS

A few months ago the new SellPro 2.0 app for Android was released and now it's available for iOS and can be found at the App Store.
SellPro is an interactive mobile training platform where sales associates can learn about the products they sell and earn the opportunity to own them. The app also serves as a multifunctional training tool that allows brand field reps to store, present and print the latest training content from the palm of their hand, and to maximize the effectiveness of face-to-face training.

As an outsorcing parthner of mVentix Inc., Vertinity developed the SellPro apps for Android and iOS. Working on this project we focused on the UX and the UI, ensureing that the app logically flows from one step to the next  and conserning how the app would be laid out. To improve the user experience with the app various surveys were made and  customers feedback were collected and analyzed.

Vertinity Team

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