V-Chef is designed for sales and customer service inrestaurants, pizzerias and other, supporting unlimited number of locations for marking and sales. The module is extremely flexible and multifunctional solution for quick and easy organization of large number of items and items groups, tracking of inventory and creating detailed or summarized reports, as well as quick and easy revisions ofstock and cash. Monitoring and reporting of all waiters one by one. The module allows a creation of automated recipes. When the available quantity reaches a minimum level the program alerts the user.

System and hardware requirements

OS: Windows XP, Windows 7, Windows 8 or Windows 10


  • Different user rights depending on login permissions
  • Each user has personal access code
  • Automatic sending of orders to the appropriate kitchen printer (bar, hot kitchen, cold kitchen, etc.)
  • Creating price lists for different time periods or for future period. Using of “Happy hour” mode
  • Flexible system for discounts and clients cards, discounts by items or groups of items, discounts based on a past turnover, loyalty cards and customer prepayments
  • Separation, collection and transfer of orders before paying the bill
  • Mixed methods of payment by cash, credit cards, debit cards and other

Vertinity provides communication with a wide range of cash registers and kitchen printers.

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